General introduction

I plan to write one essay a day, for the next two weeks. Of course, with such time pressure, they will be a bit rough around the edges but their purpose is to help me discover my writer's voice, improve my analytical and rhetorical skills, and incorporate storytelling into my writing.

The two major issues with 5G: Infrastructure and Vision

The two major issues with 5G: infrastructure and vision

Without a doubt, 5G offers the promise of an exciting future, with a myriad of emerging technologies continually redefining our society, economy and environment. But often it feels like telecommunications companies are lagging behind expectations. In this post, I explore what I believe two of the major issues hindering the implementation and exploitation of 5G. First, the immense infrastructure challenge that the deployment of 5G networks entails. Second, and yet more troubling, the lack of an overarching vision that orchestrates the development of 5G connectivity.

Time-oriented societies

Society in the street

In this post, I explore how the perception of time is related to the projects of society that have emerged over time. Thus, how traditional, modern and uncertain societies relate to the concepts of past, present and future.

The Journey Begins

Here I go, this is the beginning of my blog, a space with three objectives in mind; First, explore ideas about technological advances; second, share the progress of my research; and third, find other people, who like me, are interested in these issues.