2. The hero’s journey

The Hero's Journey is a literary archetype or template that encompasses the common stages that heroes go through during their adventures, hence the name. It also applies to many other mediums, hopefully academic writing is among them.

1. Ground rules, and plots

A plot is a conceptual tool, useful to understand the elements of a story, the mechanisms to manipulate those elements, and the logic behind. The structure of a plot helps us frame our message in a way that makes sense, which, in turn, keeps the reader engaged.

General introduction

I plan to write one essay a day, for the next two weeks. Of course, with such time pressure, they will be a bit rough around the edges but their purpose is to help me discover my writer's voice, improve my analytical and rhetorical skills, and incorporate storytelling into my writing.

The Journey Begins

Here I go, this is the beginning of my blog, a space with three objectives in mind; First, explore ideas about technological advances; second, share the progress of my research; and third, find other people, who like me, are interested in these issues.